Top 10 Spooky Halloween Cookie Recipes

Halloween is just around the corner, and cookies are a must-have for any kids Halloween party. There are many recipes that are delicious, easy to make and fitting of the season. You can get started by checking out these 10 spooky Halloween cookie recipes.

spider cookies

Courtesy of Sweet Ambs

Spider and Filigree Cat Cookies

Spiders and cats are almost the mascots of Halloween, and these brightly-colored cookies are sure to be a hit. They resemble a cat staring at a spider on its web for a spooky but family-friendly treat.

Find this recipe at SweetAmbs.

halloween cookies

Magnifying Glass Cookies

Let your little guests solve a Halloween-based mystery with these adorable magnifying glass cookies. When they are finished with their mystery, they can eat their treat!

Find this recipe at Country Living.


mummy cookies

Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

These mummy-inspired cookies are sure to catch the eye of your party guests, especially with the fun candy eyes. When you add in a delicious pumpkin flavor, you have a treat that is perfect for your Halloween party.

Find this recipe at Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts

frank cookies

Frankenstein Face Cookies

You cannot throw a Halloween party without Frankenstein, so bake up a batch of these tasty Frankenstein face cookies. Use brightly-colored Royal Icing to create his face, as well as Royal Icing transfers to create his bolt, eyes and teeth.

Find this recipe at The Bearfoot Baker.

vampire cookies

Vampire Cookies

Children and adults alike are sure to enjoy a batch of vampire cookies. These delicious cookies are filled with red jam, which can be strawberry or raspberry flavored. The two “bite marks” allow just a little jam to peek through each cookie.

Find this recipe at Baking Bites.

denture cookies

Dracula's Dentures Cookies

A mixture of spooky and fun, your guests are going to love biting into these Dracula's dentures cookies. They are made with chocolate chip cookies and frosting for an amazing taste.

Find this recipe at The Girl Who Ate Everything.

rat cookies

Rat Plague Brownie Bites

While these may not be cookies, these brownie bites are fitting of any Halloween party. From their red eyes to their white ears, they resemble small rats to create a spooky but kid-friendly snack.

Find this recipe at Not Quite Nigella.

halloween finger cookies

Severed Finger Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are always a hit at parties, and these severed finger cookies add the spooky twist you need for your Halloween party. These sugar cookies are filled with raspberry jam blood and pretzel stick bones for a creepy effect!

Find this recipe at The Lindsay Ann.

spooky slim cookies

Spooky Slime Cookies

Slimy, oozy and a little silly, these slime cookies are sure to stand out from the crowd. These bright green cookies are made of edible slime and small edible eyes for a creative but safe treat.

Find this recipe at The Soccer Mom Blog.

pumpkin oreos

Pumpkin Oreos

What is the Halloween season without pumpkins? When you add in Oreos, you have a tasty treat your guests will love! Your children are sure to enjoy helping you create spooky and silly faces on these pumpkin cookies.

Find this recipe at Lil Luna.


Whether you are making frosted cookies or brownie bites, there is no doubt that your spooky treats are going be a hit at your Halloween party!

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