RICE COOKER CHOCOLATE WARMER Tutorial | Yeners Cake Tips with Serdar Yener from Yeners Way

RICE COOKER CHOCOLATE WARMER Tutorial | Yeners Cake Tips with Serdar Yener from Yeners Way

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40 thoughts on “RICE COOKER CHOCOLATE WARMER Tutorial | Yeners Cake Tips with Serdar Yener from Yeners Way

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. But I would like to know how to use this Rice cooker for Couverture ? If it can be used to keep tempered Couverture chocolate in temper?

  2. you can also use gravy warmer or a small coffee warmer to melt the chocolate. The temperature is just right. You’ll never gonna burn your chocolate with that. I start using my gravy warmer because I can’t find chocolate warmer where I live. I was about to order them online but since I already had gravy warmer which i never use. So I tried if it work. And it works.

  3. I was wondering how to maintain the chocolate melts instead of keeping in and out into microwave…God Bless you Chef! Yener’s way is always best way 👍🏻❤️❤️

  4. Wao you are the supper teacher for us God Bless you 🙏😊
    thank you so much for your help .
    Now I need your help
    question can I use wilton candy melt and how I use do I have to add any shorting ?
    Where I live I only get wilton candy melt a lot then other chocolate for decoration and I don't know much about
    Oh yea now I will save my rice cooker to use for this technique 😊 once again thank you so much for ideas
    Waiting for your reply 😊

  5. Gosh, I wish I had known about this last week. I had been using a chocolate melting pot that was getting ready for the big melting pot in the sky, and I was in the middle of doing chocolate covered pretzels for my grandson's baby shower when it gave up the ghost, so had to resort to the old tempering method on the stove. I was hesitant to purchase another one as they are not cheap, and this thing didn't even last a year. This will be my now "go to" chocolate melting pot in the future. Thanks again for everything, you are very, very much appreciated by all of us.

  6. One of my favorite cookie decorators here on youtube (Marlene from Montreal Confections) uses a small crock pot. Both are great ideas!! And to think I was about to buy a separate chocolate warmer….Nice to be able to conserve space and use existing appliances.

  7. Thank you! I was always thinking about what other uses I could give to a rice cooker but I didn't fine an satisfy answer to make me have one. Now I will buy a little one. i have a melting machine, the American W one, but it melts not more than half a kilo and when I'm doing real chocolate work it is to title capacity and I have to waist time in melting over and over again. A professional tempering machine is to expensive to have. God bless you!

  8. I’m always so happy to see the wonderfully simple and practical tips you think of. And now I understand the behaviour of the compound and couverture chocolate better. Your kindness always shows . 🙂

  9. Thx yener that’s such a great idea 💡….I started baking a year ago and I learned everything from you and a handful other youtubers. Would love when you check my account on instagram it’s cake_n_crumbs hihi love your work ♥️♥️🙏🏽

  10. What a brilliant idea I reacently bought some Polly carbon chocolate mould's going to try and make some chocolates with different flavors this is going to be great to keep the chocolate melted

  11. Good morning, Chef! I have seen you using that appliance in some videos and thought how handy and practical it was! Now the mistery is revealed!! Thank you for this useful video!

  12. One question; water and chocolate are not friends. What happens if steam from the rice cooker drips off the lid into the precious chocolate and siezes it??? Maybe you should specify the bowl fit should be seriously exact..?? 🍫☮️

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