Inspirational Cake Ideas

Inspirational Cake Ideas

Cake Decorating Ideas

Are you aware that the earliest cakes baked in America were tiny loaves of sweet bread? This shows you the strides we have made. As a baking enthusiast who loves doing your thing at home, don’t let the intricate cakes being made today discourage you. To make magnificent cakes, you don’t have to be a pastry chef; only have the expertise and practice. It goes without saying that having the proper tools will contribute significantly to your cake decorating processes.

Each cake worth mentioning begins with smooth icing. Before icing and decorating the cake, ensure that it has cooled down entirely. At times, crumbs might end up in the icing and wreak havoc to the appearance of your cake. To avoid this, begin with a thin base layer of frosting that is not as rigid as the normal layer will be. After layering this coat, place the cake in the refrigerator for around 20 minutes. This process will not only set the icing, but it will also fix the crumbs that are caught in the first layer. After this, you can roll out the standard layer of icing minus worry regarding any crumbs.

For the second layer of icing, an icing spatula is recommended for the application and smoothening process. The moment the icing is upon the cake, you should run the spatula all over the cake’s perimeter to smoothen it. The secret to natural smoothing is immersing the metallic icing spatula in icy water for effortless frosting smoothing. When you want to smooth the top, hold the cold spatula horizontally above the top of the cake. Grasping the spatula in both hands, begin at the farthest point and skim the icing’s top by guiding the spatula towards you.

Simple Designs
According to several cake decorators, the most challenging part of cake decorating is smoothing the icing. But with practice, you will be an expert before long. When you have mastered it, you can even present a cake devoid of lots of decorations as long as it is smooth and even.

Rather than icing, why not dust the top of the cake with powdered sugar? You can go for the powdered sugar for a polished look or settle for a stencil for a more adorned look.

For a breath-taking yet straightforward cake decorating method, edible decorations take the trophy hands down. You can achieve a spectacular appearance for your cake by pressing candy, sprinkles, coconut, and nuts into the icing before it sets.

To achieve a textured aspect for your cake decorating, you can buy a small cardboard comb in baking supply shops.

Piping is attained by utilizing a pastry bag equipped with a metallic tip that is grasped by a coupler. This is easily the most crucial cake decorating tool. It is possible to create words, flowers, lines, shells, plus lots of other designs either on the sides or on top of the cake. At any one time, make sure that the bag contains only one cup of icing. Then, twist the top of the bag and maintain constant pressure while piping the design. With the other hand, guide the tip. Before commencing on piping, it is in your best interest to understand everything about it.

Fondant is a smooth white paste that is employed in intricate cake decorating. It is kneaded and rolled to envelop the cake with a smooth and sleek coat of icing. It is also necessary for 3-D designs. It is not as tasty as buttercream, but still, it will have a sophisticated and sleek look.

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