DIY Giant Birthday Cake Slime! How to Make Colorful Confetti Slime!

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➳ DIY Birthday Cake Slime! How to Make Colorful Confetti Slime! This is officially my favorite slime! I just love the texture of the colorful styrofoam balls. I thought this is the perfect time to make this slime since March is my birthday month! Hope you enjoy this!

Multi-Colored Styrofoam balls:
*PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that these are shipping from China/Asia and can take 2-3 weeks to arrive*
Slime Supplies:

Elmer's Gallon Glue –
Liquid Starch –
Borax –
Contact Lens Solution (2 pack) –
Multi-colored Styrofoam Beads –
Fruit/Fimo Slices –
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Slime Playlist:

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