Create A Fun, Colorful Wedding Reception With A Candy Buffet

When offering services for a client's wedding, there are several ideas for your desserts. You see, a wedding reception is not as traditional as it was many years ago. Nowadays, the bride and groom are looking to add a touch of their own personality to their reception. After all, it is the best part of a wedding, besides the ceremony of course, and you have the opportunity to help them create an experience they will never forget.

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Alternative To Cake

If your client is looking to steer away from a traditional wedding cake, offering them a candy buffet is a great alternative. The bride and groom may prefer their guests to mingle and celebrate over a candy buffet rather than remaining at their table after their meal.

There is also the worry that certain guests are not going to enjoy, or may not be able to eat, the wedding cake. With a candy buffet, they can fill their plate with their favorite sweets.

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Addition To Cake

Your client can also choose a candy buffet in addition to their wedding cake. This allows them to stick to the tradition of a cake, but they are also giving their guests the choice between the two, if they are looking for an alternative to either one.

Of course, you can also use the candy as part of the cake, such as a border of flower-shaped lollipops or chocolates around the edge. If their cake resembles a cruise ship, add details by using Lifesavers as the preservers. Another idea is candy seashells on the plate around a beach-inspired wedding cake. The possibilities are endless with a candy buffet.

Types of Candy

There are many types of candy to choose from for a candy buffet, which is great for adding personality to your client's wedding reception. For example, flower, seashell or heart-shaped candy may work for a specific theme.

The bride and groom may want candy that fits the color scheme instead of the actual theme, which expands their choices a bit. You can offer candy that comes in their preferred colors, or they can choose candy wrapped in colorful foil.

Regardless of the selection, a candy buffet is sure to catch the eye of everyone in attendance.

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Why Offer A Candy Buffet?

It is no secret that people like to have choices, and your client may need several choices when planning their wedding. By offering a candy buffet, you are giving them more control over their treats and desserts. They can choose a candy buffet with or without a wedding cake, and they can choose the candy included in the buffet itself.

In addition to making your clients happy, offering a candy buffet has the potential to increase your bottom line profits. Your clients may pay more to have a candy buffet included in their wedding reception, plus you have the opportunity to gain additional or repeat clients in the process.

The sky is the limit when creating a candy buffet for a wedding reception, which creates a fun-filled experience for you, your client and their guests.

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