Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake

Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake

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28 thoughts on “Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake

  1. Chef youre not only a chef,youre n architect,engineer,designer what else shal i say…haha excellent chef its like am not only watching how to make the cake beautiful and elegant but also how to built a cake house hehe😍😍.Thank you for this tutorial chef..i call you the legend

  2. OMG!!!! This is not any ordinary job. It’s truly a work of art, requiring a lot of skill, patience; imagination and commitment. A true talent. God bless you sir for giving exceptional joy on an exceptional day of the couple and their guests.

  3. Sir Yener..
    You are just AMAZING….
    I AM SPEECHLESS.. your work is just fabulous 👌
    Thanks alot for sharing.
    Please if possible..
    can u share a tutorial on how u made the butterflies..

  4. i stoped breathing when u stacked the third and fourth layer. 😅😅😅 this is really infomative and inspiring!

    I've watched your videos on chocolate decoration tutorials. Will definitely use your tips this saturday for my wedding anniversary cake.

    Wish me luck. Honestly, i'm no baker. Just a housewife inspired to try something new.

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