4 Edible Decorations For The Perfect Kids Party Cake

If you have a young girl who wants the perfect party then you’re going to need a number of products to make sure she has the party worthy of a princess. From edible butterflies to to edible Disney-themed cupcake toppers, you’ll enjoy making beautiful memories for the young girl in your life.


edible butterfliesEdible Butterflies

You can’t go wrong for your daughter with beautiful edible butterflies to decorate her cake or cupcakes. Just make sure you let your daughter know these are not real butterflies. In fact, they’re vegan and vegetarian friendly. No butterflies were harmed in the making of these edible butterfly decorations. These are also gluten and sugar free, which is good since cakes and cupcakes themselves are full of sugar, so they won’t be adding any more risk to your child’s child high. This set comes with 48 edible butterflies.

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edible glitterEdible Pink Heart Glitter

If you’re looking for edible decorations, look no further than blushing hearts edible glitter. Each jar contains thousands of hearts that can be used to add the aesthetic that you’re looking for when it comes to a young girl’s party. This will create a lovely special experience that your daughter will remember forever.

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Baby Shark Edible Cake Image

An edible cake image is almost mandatory when it comes to throwing a party for a young girl. Why settle for a boring old cake with just edible letters when you can have an entire edible image based on a viral YouTube kid’s YouTube video that will annoy any adult at the party.

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Edible Lion King Cupcake Toppers

If the young girl in your life isn’t into butterflies or glitter, then look into decorations that no one can hate: themed edible cupcake toppings. If you really want to make her happy, go with a set of Lion King edible cupcake toppings. With the live-action Lion King movie now in theaters, she’ll definitely enjoy a blast from the past with the original animated Disney movie.

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For more creative ideas for kids cakes click here.

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