Tips And Tricks for Smart And Easy Cooking

Tips And Tricks for Smart And Easy Cooking

Cooking is an art, so good chefs should always learn new ways to cook. Plus, you learn new things and get lots of compliments. You also want to learn new ways to cook.

Few Tips for Smart And Easy Cooking

* If you want to make Bundi spice vegetable, add hot spices to 10 minutes of acidic water, then make a spice with this spice. The color and taste of the calf will be amazing.

* To make a soft and fluffy rose jam, bake the rose jam articles in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes and then bake them. Rose jam will be soft and sharp.

* To make a home-like cream, blend the cream in the mixer for 4-5 seconds and refrigerate to cool.

* Add the powdered sugar to some fresh cream and whisk well. Add it to the fruit salad and mix well. The Royal Fruit Salad is ready.

* Put the lemon in warm water and drain it after two minutes. By doing so, the juice is easier to extract and more juice is released.

* On making the crispy potato poor, the poor are made crispy by adding semolina (flour) to the flour.

* While making the dumplings, add a little oil, diamonds, and celery in a mix of cinnamon flour and throw well. By doing so, the strong will become dull, there will be no gas complaints in the stomach.

* To make the eddy in a new way, grind the sliced ​​vegetables or vegetables in it and mix it to make a vegetable ginger paste. Guests will love your creation.

* If you are making pava veggies, then prepare corn and cheese and make healthy and creative paws when cooking vegetables.

* Instead of making a simple omelet, add bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and so on. This will add flavor to the omelet and create a new dish.

* To avoid lightening the marinade, it is important to keep the salt intake slightly higher than necessary and the marinade should be dipped in oil. This pickle does not worsen for days.

* To make spinach cheese, add a teaspoon of boiling sugar to the spinach. When spinach is cooking, add 1 tbsp of lemon to it. With this, the spinach will remain green.

Toss the remaining yellow lentils with the flour. To enhance the taste, chopped onions, coriander, ginger-garlic paste, lemon juice, etc. can be added. Instead of simple bread, these entries will be eaten more by guests.

* When making pooja, it can be made healthy by adding chopped vegetables.

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