Simple Tips For Applying Edible Images Like A Pro

For your cake decoration, you will come across lots of edible images that will make your cakes look like a million dollars. To be able to apply easily and get excellent results, it is important to follow the instructions carefully.

Pointers for Applying Edible Images

Before your hands come into contact with the image, ensure that they are dry and clean. If you are handling a frozen cake, it is crucial to let it thaw slightly prior to putting on the icing.

Sometimes the cake might be dry and to ensure that the image sticks to the cake, you can spray it with a fine mist of water, introduce a thin icing layer, or wipe it lightly with syrup. Remember, if the cake isn’t yet dry, avoid adding water, or keeping in a moist place as it might cause the colors to melt.

Keep in mind that the moment you apply the image, moving it or removing it can be a challenge. It is important to understand exactly where you intend to stick the image. Very meticulously, spread the image onto the cake, while the face is up. After applying the image, tap it softly using the tips of your fingers, beginning from the middle of the image, in the direction of the edges.

In case the image gets wets or proves difficult to dislodge from the backing, placing it in the freezer for a few minutes will do the trick and the image will peel off effortlessly.

In the event the image bubbles after being spread, avoid RUBBING it, rather tap it gently. Note that it is advisable to put the cake inside the refrigerator for gradual thawing if it is frozen after applying. Ensure that the image doesn’t come into contact with ultraviolet light because similar to any food coloring, it might fade with time. Again you can gently tap the image if bubbles appear when being frozen.

How to Handle and Store the Image

Ensure that you keep edible images in the same silver bag it came in, in addition to keeping them in places that are cool and dry.

After you have removed the image, don’t forget to reseal the original bag.

Keep in mind that the image should be used as soon as it is removed out of the bag.

You are free to store the image in the normal methods as they are shelf, refrigerator, and freezer friendly.
Ways of Applying the Images on Other Products

Ice Cream

When applying your image to a cake frosted with non-dairy whipped topping or even ice cream, avoid adding extra water. In case you want to apply the image onto the ice cream, give the ice cream a little time to melt before the application process. If you are using ice cream of the soft serve kind, applying the image while the ice cream is still soft, and freezing it afterwards will give you the best results.

Buttercream Icing
As soon as the icing is complete, you can apply the image. After around one hour after application, buttercream usually forms a crust. When this occurs, make sure that the icing is sprayed with a light mist of water prior to applying the image.

Frozen Cake Decoration
Before applying the image, remember to thaw slightly to prevent cracks from forming in the cake. In case the Cake Decoration is frozen, it is important to thaw it gradually in the refrigerator. While thawing the cake, ensure that it is uncovered to prevent sweating and the colors from running.

Royal Icing
For cakes with royal icing, it is recommended that you spray a substantial mist of water prior to application of the image.

Whipped Topping of the Non-Dairy Variety
When using nondairy whipped topping, avoid adding water before you apply the image. To maintain the integrity of both the topping and the image, put the finished product in the refrigerator.

Sugar Paste or Rolled Fondant
The first step of putting an image over a fondant or sugar paste is knowing exactly where to place it. Using a small paintbrush, spread a considerable amount of water and make sure you do so only where the image will be placed. Water off the image will leave a stain on the sugar paste or fondant. But the trick is to spray enough water or the image might not stick. As far as edges go, you can tap them down using a tiny and slightly wet paintbrush.

Poured White Chocolate, plus other poured Icings
Always apply the icing when the icing is still wet. Remember to place the cake decoration on a level surface to avoid sliding.

Standard Application Instructions
Before application, separate the edible images from the sheet. In case there remain images inside the bag, make sure that you reseal the bag immediately. To ensure that the image is loosened for easier peeling from the backing, you should place the backing sheet on the edge of a table, with the face up. Then, proceed to roll the backing sheet over the edge.

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