Russian Piping Tips 64 PC…

Price: $29.99 - $22.99

●✔ GREAT GIFT with 24% OFF Original Price of $45.99 – Heavenly Kitchenware's 64 Piece Set– includes 36 Russian Piping Nozzles with 2 Tri-Color coupler,1Single Color Coupler, 2 Reusable Silicone Frosting Bag,2 Reusable Fabric Frosting Bag, 20 Disposable Pastry Bags + a BONUS- Cleaner Brush. This is the BEST 64pc set on Amazon. Need some help decorating? This amazing Heavenly Kitchenware Nozzle kit will make your cakes look Professional. These tips will be your secret weapon in decorating. With these tips its easy to make a cake look AMAZING in half the time. These tips give you the tools to decorate cakes like a professional. Don't buy pre-decorated cakes any more. Surprise your friends and family with your decorating skills. Know the ingredients in your frosting and decorate a cake your self. All you have to do is attach the Nozzle to your coupler with your frosting bag, insert your butter mix to produce a verity of different shapes and size of flowers that a breathtaking. After you're finished just throw the disposable bag away, its that simple with no Mess! Heavenly Kitchenware's Tip Set has all the Nozzles you need to decorate all your Cakes and Cookies with beautiful flowers and petals. These tips are a must for any serious decorator. Each set includes a variety of the most popular flower, petal & leaf designs, etc. Order your Heavenly Kitchenware Nozzle Set Now. The Best Cakes are always Home-made. Just imagine what you can make with these Icing Nozzles. Decorate the cakes, cupcake or Pastries of your dreams. Our Nozzles are Made From FDA Certified Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel. Get yours now before there GONE. Click on the “Add To Cart” button at the top to own this Amazing 64pc Russian Nozzles Set.●✔ A GREAT GIFT IDEA *A great wedding or housewarming gift for any occasion – Every house needs a gift like this. *Super easy to use and sure to bring tons of smiles, it makes decorating fun & enjoyable, This SALE price for a LIMITED TIME ONLY
●✔ OUR TIPS ARE EXTRA LARGE (Height:1.69″ or 4.4cm) Top Dia:0.9″ bottom dia:1.45″ ●✔ HIGH QUALITY PROFESSIONAL TIPS●✔EASY TO USE KITCHEN UTENSIL FOR MAKING BEUTIFUL CAKES and CUPCAKES , create many different beautiful flowers and leaves for every baking need. ●✔ MAKE BEAUTIFUL COLORFUL ROSES, TULIPS and many MORE.
●✔ WE ARE A SMALL MOM & POP BUSINESS IN UTAH. All our Nozzles are FDA Certified,FDA approved Eco-friendly OUR NOZZLES ARE MADE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL, each Nozzle is Made by One Batch Forming of 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
●✔ OUR COMMERCIAL GRADE RUSSIAN TIPS ARE COMFORTABLE- unlike others OUR Russian tips are made from ONE BATCH FORMING WHICH MEANS THERE ARE NO SEAMS ●✔ OUR TIPS ARE SAFE FOR KIDS TO USE , with no seams there are no sharp seam edges like many others have. Enjoy making Cakes, Pastries , cookies, Canape, ravioli & Biscuits.
●✔ GREAT GIFT with 24% OFF Orig. price of $45.99 AMAZING 64 PC. SET -COMES WITH 36 RUSSIAN NOZZLES TIPS + 2 TRI-COLOR COUPLER+1 SINGLE COLOR COUPLER + 2 RE-USABLE SILICONE FROSTING BAG + 2 RE-USABLE FABRIC BAG + 20 DISPOSABLE BAGS + A FREE BONUS CLEANER BRUSH ●✔ NO RUST ✔ DISHWASHER SAFE , MOST OTHER SELLERS NOZZLES are made from tin or cheaper stainless steel which will rust quickly and are not high quality food grade material. Professional Russian piping tips / Russian Frosting Tips

Price: $29.99 - $22.99

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