Is Your Icing Smooth? If Not, Read This

Is Your Icing Smooth? If Not, Read This

Cake Decorating-Tips on Making your Icing Smooth and Uniform

To be a maestro at decorating cakes, you have to be trained and practice a lot. After you have learned cake decorating, becoming popular in the cake decoration circles will be a walk in the park. But if you have a creative streak in you, there is no limit to what you can achieve as a cake decorator.

Even though you are a newbie in cake decorating, you will still need your cake to be magnificent. My mum baked a cake, frosted it, added sprinkles, and finally used icing to write a happy birthday message. These were the kind of cakes we were used to, not very elegantly decorated, but very delicious! Through this article, you will learn to make better-looking cakes than mum’s cakes.

When baking, make sure that the batter is level/even in the pan before putting it inside the oven. Every 20 minutes, check the cake to ensure that the baking is even. If you notice that one side of the cake has risen higher than the other, turn the pan in the other direction to ensure that it rises evenly. If the finished cake is higher on one side, a knife can make it level, but this should be done when the cake is still warm.
Before you start on any cake decorating, let the cake cool down for not less than one day. This is because the cake’s exterior might feel cold, but the inside can retain its warmth for hours. You can wreak havoc to the decorating if you frost the cake before it gets adequately cool.

When the cake has cooled, rotate it upside down on a cake board to avoid having lots of crumbs. But if you want to avoid crumbs altogether, coat the cake with a thin sheet of icing. After covering the cake with a light coating of frosting, you can add on that layer with a regular coat of icing. Ensure that the icing is smooth and level. By dipping your metal icing spatula in icy water, the spatula will level the icing effortlessly.

No cake decorating process can be complete without icing. Ensure that the icing is quite firm, but if it is rigidly stiff to use, you can thin it out. When making the frosting, churn out a sizeable amount because you will need it for other decorations. Also, have lots of food coloring to color the icing for a variety of cake decorations.

For the cake decoration exercise, there is some equipment that you must have. You will require more than a single pastry bag, plus the icing tips used for decoration. You can easily get these items at your cake decorating store or craft dealers.

The first step is selecting the tip you will use. Then, grasp the pastry bag with the hole pointing down and put the tip inside as far as you can. You should utilize approximately one cup of icing in the bag at a go but start it out inside the bowl. In this way, if the icing is too thick, thinning it with milk is possible before it is put in the icing bag. Ensure that the icing is thick enough for easy designing, but thin enough to pass through the tip. In case you are still new at cake decoration, you can polish your skills on waxed paper before trying to work on the cake.

The moment you are all set for the icing, grasp the bags with both hands and exert constant pressure. By applying steady pressure, you will ensure that the icing will come out evenly. Except when you need to make a long strip of piping, make sure that the bag is placed close to the cake. Then, begin squeezing, count to three, then quit squeezing and lift the tip up and from the cake. If you find this decoration to your liking, go to the next one, but if it doesn’t satisfy you, keep up till it comes out right.

If the cake decoration retains the shape you had envisioned, then the frosting was done right. If it refuses to stick together, maybe the icing is extremely thin. In case it was challenging to propel it through the tip, or the decorations fractures, then the frosting is extra thick.

Before you start decorating the cake, make sure that you get all the necessary equipment. You can find such a list in pastry supply or craft stores. The most essential include a few pantry bags, a coupler to keep the tips in the bags, and icing tips. If a cake stand is available, it will swivel to allow you to frost all sides easily while bringing the cake upwards and closer to you. You are also advised to have various sizes of cake pans, a sharp knife, a rubber spatula, a baking tray, and a long and short metal spatula for icing the cake. These are the necessary items.

You cannot dispute the fact that cake decorating can, at times, be overwhelming. But it also has its rewards the instant your mind registers that the beautiful cake on the stand is your own creation. By being extra patient and confident, within no time, you will be a seasoned cake decorator.

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