How to Roll Fondant Tutorial 2 Different Techniques

How to Roll Fondant Tutorial   2 Different Techniques

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40 thoughts on “How to Roll Fondant Tutorial 2 Different Techniques

  1. I brought vizyon brand fondant is not's getting elephant skin.. Even after kneeding for long still I am facing issue.. Can you please help on that

  2. I tried to order the Vizyon fondant through Amazon but they do not ship to my address in Colorado. Have you tried any of the US brands? If so, which did you prefer please? Thank you so much, Chef Yener. A devotee.

  3. Such long videos. I read that 85% of internet traffic is video. I can understand why. It take so freaking long for videos to give us what we need. This isn't TV, we don't have to fill people's lives between dinner and bedtime, or worse between adulthood and death. GTTFP!

  4. Thank you very much for your wonderful tutorials, they are a must for all cake decorators to watch. I've been doing it for sometime and there is always something new to learn. These basics I've never seen so its been wonderful to see new techniques to use to make my cakes more successful. Cheers

  5. Even a year later. This fondant is not a world wide product. I did my research, just an Aussie distributed fondant and is sold in India and various other Europian countries. Not understanding why Yener is on the label ? He's not affiliated, he just likes it? Polen Foood Oceania is its distributors. Which is trying not to compete with Satin Ice, Wilton, and all the rest of the giant fondant retailers, so the price and shipping, say to American, will be astronomical. My advice..stick to the fondant that been treating you kindly for all these years.

  6. Chef, i wasted four ganache cakes in series after draping them. Immediately after draping it starts swelling on one side and the bulge increases with time and if i put pressure it leaks the ganache out , i am using 1:2.5 ganache ration , i m very depressed . please advice …..

  7. You are a fabulous teacher, love watching your video's, I have learnt quite a lot from you, where would I get a big wooden rolling pin like yours, thank you for all your amazing videos …..

  8. I'm not sure if this was already asked in the comments but do you simply use soap & water to clean the PVC pipe you use to roll out the fondant?

  9. I just want to thank you so much for your generosity, the amount of information and knowledge that you share is way more than what many people are willing to share. You explain things in a very detailed way. Thank you so much and may god bless you.

  10. Another fabulous tutorial. I feel like I'm in a classroom with the master pastry chef. It's great how you anticipate questions.  
    Looks like sliding the PVC pipe over the fondant allows for more control in the final shaping. Would you recomend rolling the fondant only with the PVC pipe? Also, does the fondant have a shinny appearance from sliding/burnishing the surface by sliding the pipe over it? One last question, how long and thick is the pipe? A million thanks! Linda

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