How to quilt cookies with icing

Learn to make a stunning checkerboard pattern on top of your cutout cookies. With a few steps, you can use two colors of icing to create this pretty quilted design, making your cookies look worthy of a bakery window. Mastering the technique is simple: Just watch the steps in our tip video, and see how the finished cookie should look.

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Instructions: Begin by using a knife to draw the outline of the design you want to make onto the cookie. Lightly score the surface of the cookie. Brush off any crumbs.

To avoid confusion, mark the areas you want to ice first by marking them with the knife.

Start with the areas you want to ice first. Outline each area by piping along the edges with your pastry bag, then fill them in. Allow the icing to dry completely.

Once they’re fully dry, fill in the blank squares with the second color of icing. The dried areas will help contain the wet icing.

Use a toothpick to fill in any bare spots.

Allow the cookie to dry completely.

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Originally posted 2015-12-09 16:19:18.

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