How to PREVENT CONDENSATION on Fondant Coated Cakes | Yeners Cake Tips with Serdar Yener

How to PREVENT CONDENSATION on Fondant Coated Cakes | Yeners Cake Tips with Serdar Yener

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22 thoughts on “How to PREVENT CONDENSATION on Fondant Coated Cakes | Yeners Cake Tips with Serdar Yener

  1. Hi what if you store the cake at room temperature then the next day you apply the ganache then the fondant what would be the out come if you hand paint it? Would it be a total mess by the next day?

  2. Mr Yener I live in the Caribbean and a beginner,even though I try to cover the cake fast,it starts to get sticky,I don't even have time to use the smoother to get good edges. I'm not yet equipped with a air condition room. Is there a way I can put the fondant with putting the cake to chill first?

  3. Wonderful tip that I plan to implement today with a square package cake🤪on my way out the door looking for a cover for it now.Thank you so much for putting this knowledge together for us and your time and expertise,truly appreciated!

  4. Would this process work if I keep a hand painted fondant cake in the fridge overnight and then take it out the day of the event and keeo it covered like you suggest, till it gets to room temperature? I don't want the painting to bleed. Thank you for your videos. I really enjoy them.

  5. Sir Yener, How can we store fondant covered cakes overnight? If I want to ready and decorate a cake tomorrow, is there any way I cover it with fondant tonight and then decorate it the next day?

  6. If I cover my cake with the fondant and put it straight back into the fridge and when I am ready to decorate it to follow this instruction my cake won't fall apart? In that case, Usta, you are my savior! I have only few days to make a cake for my daughter's wedding and I am scared like never in my life. She asked me to make it for her as a sign of bond and trust between us…but I am afraid that bond will have some issues 😂😂😂 with the fondant…and filling…and panckaing tiers 😱😱😱😱

  7. hello sir very nice video but i m from India and whenever i make Styrofoam dummies with fondant they just melt in rains how do i protect them pls tell thanx

  8. Hello Chef Yener I need your help first time I am making 80 cupcakes for event and pickup is Sunday (journey for two hrs )and party is in mid week Wednesday can you plz advise me how can I care to be fresh cupcakes for event ( Chocolate with buttercream frosts with small decorations Fondant 🌸 plz help me 🙏😊 Thank you in advance 😊

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