How to Mask a Cake Tutorial – 3 Different Techniques

How to Mask a Cake Tutorial – 3 Different Techniques

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33 thoughts on “How to Mask a Cake Tutorial – 3 Different Techniques

  1. Thanks for ur time & all ur lovely tutorials, plz what's the name for this plastic sheet and from where can I get it ,thanks for everyone to answer me . 🌹👍👌
    Nidhal, Australia , Melbourne

  2. Hiya mr Yener, could you please help me with a doubt I have. All the chocolate crush you putting after the first layer of ganache is for cakes with chocolate ganache of course, but how can I apply this method when I'm working with a french buttercream? maybe white chocolate? or an other option? could you give me any advice on this please? thank you 😊

  3. Chef Yener is the best pastry chef and teacher! Thank you for making it easy for me. You’re so knowledgeable! It’s a complete guide 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I loved it!

  4. Hi u r very complete instructor.. I watched your videos especially and have learned alot. God bless u always.. Can u plz tell the temperature of ganche while applying it on cake for masking and how can we maintain that temperature.. Plz help thank you 😊

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