How to Make the BEST PIPING CONES for Cake Decorating | Yeners Cake Tips | Yeners Way

How to Make the BEST PIPING CONES for Cake Decorating | Yeners Cake Tips | Yeners Way

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36 thoughts on “How to Make the BEST PIPING CONES for Cake Decorating | Yeners Cake Tips | Yeners Way

  1. Hi Mr Yener!
    Firstly thank you ever so much for all the tips that you give and I sometimes 'bingewatch' your video's! I don't have a business but I do like making cakes for family or friends and my way has always been to either make my own things or find a suitable substitute and you always offer some fantastic solutions to any problems. 🙂 Like you I find making paper piping bags fiddly and time consuming and would like to try your method with the cellophane sheets. It may be due to the lock downs but I am finding them very hard to find on the internet at this time. The one's you use look perfect and I like the fact that they are sheets and not rolls. There are gift bags, plus floristry wrap and gift wrap but not only does it not state the thickness but also food grade is rarely mentioned either. From past experience I know that the bags rip easily, not to mention that they are expensive so cannot justify cutting bags up to make cones. Can you suggest anywhere to obtain similar cellophane sheets that you yourself use please? Thank you again for all you do to help us. 🙂

  2. Hello, I tried doing the cones but they came out very rectangular. I have the big roll of cellophane and I couldn’t understand the measurements of the cellophane before you began to cut. Was it 70 by 50 cm? By the way beautiful video❤️

  3. Sir, would you please post where you buy the cellophane? I've been searching for the microns you specify and it's so hard to find in the USA. Thank you, genius!

  4. Thank you Sir, for sharing your ideas, I'm a housewife and want' s to become a baker someday. God Bless you and your family! Love your tutorial videos. Very educational !!!

  5. Hi Chef 👋😊 just wondering if a slightly thicker sheet (like a 30 micron cello sheet) will make it more difficult to pipe? I can't find a 27 micron or lower than that online. Just 30 micron sheets. And if it's okay with you, can you share the link on where you buy your sheets?

  6. I really admire n watch his videos as it is full of actual and necessary info's never time wasting or jumping frm one topic to another. Very neat n clean n originality

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