How to Make St. Patricks Day Rilakkuma Cake Pops!

How to Make St. Patricks Day Rilakkuma Cake Pops!

These St. Patrick’s Day Rilakkuma cakes pops would be the perfect treat for the holiday, and sure to bring you some good luck 🙂 Even if you don’t make them this year (sorry again about the last-minute vid), think of this as a celebratory St. Patricks Day video haha. Enjoy, and make sure to share pictures of your treats on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #kawaiisweetworld!

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I think the video demonstrates how to make these much more clearly than written instructions, but here are the ingredients!

Rilakkuma St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pops
Makes about 6 cake pops

¼ of a 9” x 13” cake of desired flavor
1-3 T frosting, depending on moistness of cake
1 bag peanut butter (or chocolate) candy coating – you won’t use the entire bag, but you’ll need to melt it all to fill a cup to dip your pops in. To save the rest, pour the candy coating onto wax paper, let set, break into pieces and reuse.
Green, white, and brown candy coating
12 M&Ms
6 Soft caramels or mini marshmallows
6 whole green candy melt wafers (for hat base)

Music courtesy of Audio Network “Clap Happy”, “Whale of a Time”, and “Better Times”

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