How to Make a Loaded Birthday Cake (Candy Drip Cake) | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Make a birthday cake so beautiful, they just might think you bought it! Try out an on-trend ombré buttercream, candy drip technique, and festive candy garnish on your next project. Learn how to make easy birthday cakes —
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Make a birthday cake so beautiful, they might think you bought it!
To get started we first need to ice the cake with buttercream.
This is going to be your base color. In this case, I'm using white.
Then using a pastry bag, pipe a messy line of color around the bottom of the cake. I'm simply using pink, but you can add another color, or the same color in a different shade.
Now, smooth the cake again while dragging the colors along.
Next let's add some ganache. Now you can do this with Candy Melts, but once they set, the cake will be difficult to cut into. So I am going to use a mixture of white chocolate ganache, candy melts, and gel color.
Just melt the ganache with a small amount of candy melts. Then add gel color to achieve the right hue. You can use oil based color here too
Now it's time to pour the ganache over the cake. This is a dripping effect, so you don't want to cover the whole cake.
Use a squeeze bottle so you can control the flow of ganache
To finish add a few fun candy pieces and some meringues! How cool is that!

Originally posted 2016-05-02 20:27:26.

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