Healthy Cooking Techniques

Healthy Cooking Techniques

It can be made healthier by using a few different techniques for cooking instead of the traditional.


Generally, people think that after naming the oven, it’s only useful to make bread and cake, but it’s not. You can also make vegetables and vegetables in it. Fat and calories are very low in the oven. Which will keep your weight under control? In addition to vegetables, you can also make chicken, seafood, and more.


It’s like baking. In it, the food is heated in the oven and cooked. Usually roasted chicken, seafood, red meat, etc. are made by roasting. The food is well cooked and does not include excess fat.


In this technique, the food is cooked directly in the fire. The fat cooked in the fire is the lowest and is made faster by cooking in the stove and oven. Grilling chicken, mutton, etc. is a good option. It will also maintain its taste and reduce fat.


This is the easiest and healthiest way to cook. Swords, Momos, etc. are made of steam. In this technique oil is not used at all and food is prepared quickly. You can also make them by making seasonal vegetables and steaming them.


Vegetables are rarely cooked in ghee or butter. No need to fry too much food, just be a little soft. Cook vegetables during stirring and when lightly soft, remove them from the fire. The food prepared in this way is tasty and healthy.

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