Free 3D Emmet Cake Tutorial

Free 3D Emmet Cake Tutorial

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32 thoughts on “Free 3D Emmet Cake Tutorial

  1. Your work is perfection! I love how you go into the tiniest of details and teaching us the best way to perform a task and how to prepare everything for it! Thanks for your tutorials!

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing tutorial!!! I made my son a LEGO cake using your instructions and it turned out amazing!! He is going to be so surprised when he sees his cake tomorrow!! Thank you so much again! ❤️🎉🙌🏻

  3. omg the end of the tutorial was so beautiful, made me cry!!!! ,I really love your art and hope one day get that face on the people I give my cakes 😍, your are so much an inspiration !!!!! Kisses from Panama

  4. my son wants a batfink cake and iv never tried a 3d cake before, im no master cake maker but since i bought a new oven my cakes have turned out so much better so im going to give it a try. so thank you for this tutorial it will be so useful.

  5. Hi there, thank you so much for great tutorial, would you be able to provide your recipes for white chocolate and  white chocolate ganache .

  6. What a great tutorial. Thank you for this inspiration. Will make this cake for my sons birthday. He turned 11 and is a big lego fan and he also called Yener… 😉 many greetings from Hamburg/Germany

  7. I am making this cake right now and so far it is going perfect. I love yuor recipes for white chocolate mud cake and white chocolate ganache, so jummy! How do you cut the cake? Did you take it of from the center stick, or leave it up and cut it? Thank you Yenner, I love your work 🙂 Greetings from Denmark!

  8. Do you think it will stand up good if i make layered cake? Mousse would be probably too soft as a filling, what do you think? I love your work, you are truly an artist!

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