1. Do not click on the above link…its been hijacked by scammers…type in his.web site…die scammers die a horrible.death and go to hell

  2. Hellow mr.Yener, am a biginer about cake decorating from sri lanka..thank u for sharing ur knowladge with every one and I learn many tecniqes about decorating from u..god bless u..

  3. Did any body see how he did it!! I re played the video thinking I mist the making part 😂
    But do you know what! I don't mind he dose share most of his knowledge and also very generous.

  4. Waffle on but did not show how to do anything

  5. Wtf he didn't show us how to make it.
    That was annoying.

  6. İngilizcem cok iyi olmadigi halde sizin anlattiklarinizi anlayabiliyorum… Güzel tiyolariniz icin teşekkürler.. Thank you for your great videos…
    Türkce kanal
    Acmayi düşünün bence.. Sevgiler

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