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Price: $13.01

Best Cake Turntable, Creasonic 12.2 ” Revolving Cake Decorating Stand Food Grade Plastic Sky Blue Cake Decorating Supply

*It is made from food grade plastic and conforms to food hygiene standard.
*The table is made of high quality aluminum alloy.
High flexibility, easy to control rotation time and speed.
Sharp and rough tool is forbidden to clean, so as not to damage the surface of the product

Clean it with a sponge or soft cloth

Apply to cake bouquet, wipe the embryo and baking monetary table, it can also make pastry table. This is the essential product for cake making.

Base material: ABS plastic.
Mesa Diameter: 31 cm
Base Diameter :20cm
Turntable: 12.2 inch

Apply to cake bouquet, wipe the embryo and baking rotary table, it can also make pastry table. This is the essential product for cake making.

Q&A1.Can I decorate a 13 inch cake on this ?
Yes, you can. The circumference for the top of the turntable is 12.2″. To accommodate a 13″cake,you would need to have the layer on the cake board 13″ wide or wider.
2.How can I get the decorated cake of the turntable?
You might have to put the cake on a cake board so you can move it off the turntable or anywhere else.GREAT CATE DECORATING SUPPLIES, this cake turntable makes it simple to help decorate professional desserts at home even for a green hand
FINE DESIGN:White food grade plastic round top,sky blue base gives you a fresh visual perception. It's not just a tool for desserts, it's also a fine decoration set at home . Non-stik, non-toxic,anticorrosion. A long-lasting handy tool for beginners, kids and professionals.
FEATURES: Aluminum alloy table gloss bright, durable, eas of use;The base is made of ABS plastic, which contains the balance weight,precision bearings, quiet and durable, smooth and long-lasting.Based with antiskid rubber ring,which effectively avoid sliding. Steady as mountain
SUPERB PORTFOLIO: Mesa diameter: 31cm; Width: 20cm; Heighte:12cm.With a antiskid aprons based, to give you the guarantee that it won't be falled down the ground easily
CREASONIC YOUR CAKE SOULMATE :Creasonic cake turntable try best to make 100%satisfaction of customers:1.response within 10 hours 2.high quality material 3.accept advice for the goods .Best quality to ensure customers have a wonderful experience when they are shopping

Price: $13.01

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