Cake – 4 Creative Themes to Make Your Cake “POP”

Cake – 4 Creative Themes to Make Your Cake “POP”

4 Creative Themes to Make Your Cake “POP”

Everyone loves homemade cakes. They are a nice thing to make for someone on their birthday or other special day. If you plan to bake a cake for someone, likely you’ll want your cake to look great and to stand out so everyone will be wowed by your creation.

Here are several creative themes you may want to try for your next cake for a special occasion:
– Entertaining with movement: These kind of cakes are colorful, quirky and cute. In order to produce this cake design you need to use your imagination. For instance, you can decorate it with all kinds of shapes such as balloons, stars, circles, clouds, or anything else that takes your fancy. For instance, if your theme has something to do with animals, use some animal crackers and place them on the cake to look like they are marching in a row. People are sure to notice and you’ll be thrilled at the praise you get.

cake themes– Floral arrangements say it all – Everyone loves beautiful flowers, especially edible ones! Using floral designs in colorful hues looks perfect on a cake. You can make roses, daisies, or whatever you like. This kind of décor is great if you are making a cake for a wedding or someone’s birthday.

– Romantic cakes are sweet and lovely. If you know someone who is coming up on a romantic occasion like a wedding anniversary or maybe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, then why not create a romantic theme for a cake to celebrate? For instance, if the cake is for Valentine’s Day, you can color some icing red and decorate the cake with hearts, roses, cupids, or other symbols that stand for love.

Or, if the cake is for someone’s wedding anniversary, find out the color scheme from their wedding or perhaps their favorite colors, and color the icing and the other decorations in those colors. You can decorate the cake with things that show the couple’s love for one another like pretty flowers, wedding bells, or maybe decorate it with their favorite things like cute little animals or even a sports theme. Let your imagination run wild.

– Cartoon Characters. Kids love cartoon characters! And they also love to eat cake. So if you are tasked with creating the perfect cake for a little one’s birthday or other special day, find out what their favorite cartoon character is and combine that into your cake theme.

If you are good at freehand drawing, you can use thin icing and draw the character onto the cake, but otherwise you can buy a mold shaped like the character, or buy one of those edible pictures that can be made from an image file. It doesn’t matter what or who the cartoon character is, as you can find just about anything online to make a pattern from. Then, just carry it in and see the birthday girl or boy’s eyes light up and get big when they see their favorite cartoon come to life on the cake.

When it comes to decorating a cake, there are also a few essential things you’ll need, such as:

– A professional tool for spreading frosting or a very thin spatula made out of metal. This kind of tool will aid you in making sure your frosting layers go on smoothly and evenly. Then your cake will look like a professional job.

– Another great item to have on hand are some molds to make different shapes, objects or characters for your cake decorations. You can also use some of these to make the cake come out in that shape too. You can start off by obtaining a few basic molds like a circle, square, triangle, heart, etc. After you get good using these shapes, you can buy more complicated ones that are shaped like a flower, a number, or even cartoon characters. Did you know you can even get molds that spell out word? Yep. There are probably molds you can buy for just about anything.

– A frosting bag is a very vital piece of cake décor gear you should own. You’ll need one to do all kinds of things like make designs out of icing or spell out words made of icing. After you get good at using the bag, it will be as simple as writing with a pen or pencil. All you have to do is learn just the right amount of pressure and the right angle to hold the bag to get your design to look perfect. You will also need to buy a few special shaped tips to put on the end of the frosting bag to make even more patterns or shapes.

There are also several other things that work well to help you make your cake look special and perfect for every kind of occasion you could ever want to bake a cake to celebrate. Some of these items include:

– Readymade frosting flowers – These are a quick way to decorate your cake if you either aren’t very skilled in making flowers out of frosting by hand or if you don’t have enough time to do this.

– Edible glitter or colored edible sugar sprinkles – These two items are a fantastic method of decorating a cake. They provide you a way to add a finishing touch to just about any design to make your cake look special.

– Edible color sprays – These are also very simple to use to decorate a cake. They are a fast way to turn a boring cake into an exciting looking cake. And everyone will be totally impressed with your final results!

– Edible photos – Did you know you can take just about any image file and have it printed off into an edible photo? It can be a person’s face, a wedding scene, a photo of your pet cat or dog, or anything else that is special to the person you are making the cake for. All you need to do in most cases is upload your image file to a website that creates these edible photos and you will receive your edible picture int the mail or if local, just go pick it up. Then you just place the photo on top of regular icing and design the rest of your cake around it.

And finally, after you have created your cake masterpiece, be sure to put it on a glass cake stand to show it off in all its glory.


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