Best Recipe Ideas For Your First Dish As A Bride

Best Recipe Ideas For Your First Dish As A Bride

After the wedding, the in-laws, what is waiting for most is the new bride’s new kitchen … and it is the most difficult task for the bride. How did the bride make it for the first time to get everyone’s praise? To find out, we talked to the Minister of Cooking Anita.

New home, new people, new kitchen… It takes a while for the new bride to adjust herself to the new environment. Everyone’s eyes are on the bride’s first kitchen and it is time for her in-laws to test. If you already make some preparations to be called the Queen of the Kitchen, this can be easy.

Keep in mind everyone’s likes and dislikes

Most importantly for the new bride, she first understands the likes and dislikes of the family. Food is never good or bad, everyone’s likes and dislikes are different. If we talk about tea, some people like to drink hard tea, some light, some less sugar, some more, some more milk, some less, some ginger tea and some spicy. To learn how to make tea, it is not necessary to recognize the taste of the householders.

Understand Family Tests:

Every family has different eating habits. If an oil salad is less preferred to spicy food, it should be eaten fried roast. New dishes are tried somewhere, and traditional food is preferred elsewhere. Somewhere, non-vegetarian food, gin meal, and onion garlic… Every home has a different choice. So, first of all, try to understand the taste of the people there. For this, first of all, without hesitation, standing in the kitchen with the sauce, understand the taste of the family.

Cut out the spice before the wedding

Like the taste, the spices of each house are also different. If the chili is hot, then the coriander is thick. The odor of the hag is less. In such a case, when you go to the kitchen cooking, you add the same spices as you would to corn, but the spices here may be different, which may make the food less expensive. So for the first food test in the in-laws, take a makeup kit with a spice kit so that your guess is accurate. Gradually, you will learn to evaluate the spices of this house and start eating them.

Create the first in-law?

For the first time, make a dish that is simple and tastes of all ages. Also, keep in mind that you’ve already made that dish. If you try a new or unique dish, it is not necessary for the family to like it. Suddenly, their taste will not be very different. Therefore, choose the first dish while choosing the in-laws.

Smart cooking tips

* Choose dishes by season. In severe heat, your hot and tasty soup will not taste as common as buttermilk or buttermilk. Choose dishes such as yogurt, soups in the cold, kheer, baked in the rain, in the summer.
* All members of the family have different needs, for example, simple meals like elderly meals and breakfast recipes in children. So take care of everyone’s needs in daily meals.
* Take good care of food offerings. Serve lightly during serving. Garnish the salad. Use similar utensils.
* When choosing the menu, be careful about the colors, such as one is green, the other yellow, white or red. Add some tomatoes and some peanuts. This type of plate looks beautiful and is healthy too.
* Stand and use fresh spices while cooking. They taste much better.
* Things that don’t become your sauces, you should learn them, such as cakes, Mexican, Italian, pizza, pasta, burgers and more. This will identify you separately in the rules.

Keep these things in mind:

* If you don’t like something made in the house, don’t hurt it. This can make the family feel bad.
* Never compare your mother-in-law’s meal with your mother.
Similarly, do not appreciate your first meal in conversation. Your in-laws may also feel bad about doing so.
* Do not remove the cheerfulness of the in-laws and whatever is in the kitchen.
* When guests arrive, choose the dish you prefer, not your choice.

Why is food special in the mother’s hand?

80% of the world’s people love to eat handmade foods. Do not all mothers make good food, not wives? Isn’t that mother someone’s wife? Do women feed their children separately and husband and family separately? If not, why is the magic of a mother’s hands not in the hands of a wife or daughter-in-law?
This is because the baby grows up after eating the food prepared by the mother. She’s accustomed to this taste, so she likes that taste all her life. So never try to compare your mother-in-law and even identify yourself, in-laws.

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