6 Common Cooking Mistakes

6 Common Cooking Mistakes

Women are skilled at cooking, but they often make mistakes when cooking, which eliminates most nutrients and reduces the taste of food. Here we are talking about some common mistakes that women make to improve their cooking habits.

Mistake: Adding more oil to food makes the food taste better.

The solution:  More and more women think that adding more oil increases the taste of food. This is their fault. Cardiologists believe that excessive oil intake can lead to obesity, blood pressure, and heart diseases. Instead of cooking, use olive oil in cooking. If you are fond of fried foods, use olive oil instead of cooking oil.

Error: Reuse oil after deep frying the saline.
Solution:  Deep frying is the most unhealthy way of cooking. Eating deep-fried snacks increases weight and obesity. Also, most women have a habit that after heating fried foods, they heat the remaining oil several times. By reheating this oil at high heat, the oil trans fat increases and there is a possibility of obesity, blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

Mistake: After boiling the vegetables and sprouts, drain them.
Solution:  Boiled sprouts and vegetables contain a considerable amount of ‘B complex vitamin’. Most ‘B complex vitamins’ are soluble in water. When vegetables and sprouts boil and drain their water, these ‘B complex vitamins’ are removed. So instead of boiling vegetables and sprouts, cook them in steam. If vegetables, lentils, and sprouts are to be used only after boiling, do not throw out the drained water, but can be used as gravy in other vegetables. You can also knead the dough with saline water.

Mistake: Cut fruits and vegetables 4-5 hours before eating and 5-6 hours before making vegetables.
Solution:  Fruits should be cut slightly before eating and before cooking the vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘B Complex Vitamins’. Vitamin C and B complex vitamins destroy fruits and vegetables for 5–6 hours in light and heat. If fruits and vegetables have to be cut due to time constraints, then keep them well-stocked or covered in the fridge. Doing so can prevent the destruction of vitamins in fruits and vegetables.

Error: Do not use the correct measurement when cooking.
Solution: Most women do not use precise measurements when preparing food and add water, spices, etc., which spoil the taste of the food and take longer to cook. Therefore, when cooking, add water or spices as per the correct measure.

Mistake: Buying Cheap Items at Lowest Price.
Solution:  Women generally have a bad habit that sometimes they buy blended and inferior spices and other food items without having to check the quality of the goods at a lower cost. The use of such mixed spices and food items can harm the health of the entire family. So buy meat and cheese etc. from a good place and buy spices and be sure to check their expiration date.

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