3D Galleon/Pirate Ship Cake Tutorial – Introduction and Sample

3D Galleon/Pirate Ship Cake Tutorial – Introduction and Sample

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45 thoughts on “3D Galleon/Pirate Ship Cake Tutorial – Introduction and Sample

  1. I joined this incredible teacher's website tutorial and it is amazing. Worth every penny to support the time, effort and sheer excellence. I'm aiming to make this soon to the same scale. The tools used are easy to get hold of and no special moulds are required, just patience and dedication. The best of the best Sir!

  2. Dear Chef: How can I put that on a cupcake? Seriously though, that is the most amazing piece of work that I have seen on YouTube. You are in a class of your own. You are such a lovely man and I can see that you are passionate about your work and teaching others. Thank you, and God bless you, too!

  3. Hello from Yerevan!! Today my friend Johnny Depp's Birthday and i would like give him present big Cake like your masterpiece Cake or do something with cooking team who can make real art works ;;If i will have this opportunity will be great!!! In honor of the new series of Caribbean Pirates 6 and wish him with team a successful sailing in the new film presentation .Thanks..!!

  4. You are absolutely incredible! My next cake is going to be a ship cake and I wanted to cover the cakeboard and make waves as well. Definitely gonna try your methode. Thank you for this tutorial

  5. I used this awesome tutorial to help me make a replica luxury sail ship cake a few days ago. I've sent you a message on Facebook on my finished product. Thank you so so much!!!

  6. Hi serdar, I've been trying to register to your website but keep on having problems logging in. Just right this moment I tried to send a message to technical support but it cam back with HTTP500. I have been waiting for confirmation email since last week so I can go ahead and complete my registration. Sorry for the trouble but I love your work and would like to learn more. Thanks

  7. This online cake school is in a "class" of its own (haha)…no other one even comes close to offering the elite level of projects they do, and It's literally so step-by-step that you actually feel like you can make it too!

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