3D Cruiser Yacht Cake – Introduction

3D Cruiser Yacht Cake – Introduction

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8 thoughts on “3D Cruiser Yacht Cake – Introduction

  1. Sir, white chocolate ganach retio is 1:3 and dark chocolate ganach ratio is 1:2 and what will be the ratio for milk chocolate ganach?I have milk chocolate and want t mak ganach.Thanx

  2. I love the way you break everything down into its components, taking a more practical approach at first and leaving the creative part for later. It makes one more eager to try these novelty cakes even at a beginner level and so learn more.

  3. I enjoy taking your classes. There is so much information that can be used for multiple projects. A few videos I refer back to often is the guitar class and the Ford Mustang as well as the 3D tiger. I love the technical aspect of the way you teach.

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